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The Good Old Days - Could Be Today!

Queena Hotel - Tainan City, Taiwan

Remember that one time when you .... or that time when you... But the best time was when...

When was the last time you had this conversation with a dear friend and laughed so much your stomach hurt or wished the day's hours and minutes would go without end? Could that day be today?

Most of the time, we love to reminisce on the past, thinking those were definitely the good old days, thinking those friendships were the strongest we ever had and thinking, oh how we wish we could just teleport ourselves to that one time when... What if I told you, instead of pondering, or doing wishful thinking, you set your mind right now to say: Today could be one of those memorable days!

What would you do about today that would be different from when you woke up this morning, before you started to read this blog post?

To give you a little more context into how I came about thinking what would be my next blog and how to incorporate my life's lessons and adventures into it while at the same time inspire you, my dearest readers, to not just go about today as a normal day, I will now share my adventure last week:

For two weeks, ever since that blessed day, I was moping and telling everyone who cared to hear me out, what had just recently happened at work and how I was personally affected by it. I went through cycles of shock, anger, acceptance, whatever, anger again, acceptance again to the point when I said enough is enough. During my second round of anger, a window of opportunity presented itself through someone else's distress.

It was Tuesday. Bernie called me to let me know he was at the hospital and he had food poisoning. There was nothing I could do since I was in the North and he was in the South, one hour and a half away by high speed train and then a 30 minute taxi ride. I thought of how I could help him while at the same time, help myself get out of these angry ocean waves in my head.

I told him, not asked mind you, "can we come over this week?" and he said to me, "you just want to come, no true*?" With a smirk on my face and a determination to get out of my daily routine, I adamantly said, "yes."

You see, we all have a choice to remain where we are, bounded by the external forces that be. I could have said, you know what, I cannot afford traveling anymore, or Zee will miss kindy, we cannot afford that either, or, who will feed the rabbits and the fish? We also have a choice to be disruptive and go for what we want in life. We can weigh the pros and cons and choose which one weighs heavier on ultimately - your happiness ~

By the time I got to Queena Hotel and its amazing, jaw-dropping, in-city tropics escapade, Bee was doing a little better with the pills the doctor provided.

A slice of heaven - Queena Hotel, Tainan

I personally find that being around those who truly care about you can give a great boost to your health, energy and productivity.

The first day after we arrived, Zee and I went to explore the hotel's backyard. The very first thought was, I can celebrate my wedding here, 100%. Imagine the pictures my guests could walk out with. How much does it cost to rent? Ooh, look at that setting. That part needs a repaint... It turned into a planning for the future two-day getaway. To see more of this beautiful hotel landscape, CLICK HERE.

Bonus during this trip to the South was that I got to reconnect with a wonderful Belizean soul. Building relationships takes energy yes, and when you are exhausted already by the day's toll you also have a choice to give in to your physical feelings or push yourself to make the extra effort and do something unusual. Turned out, X and I had more things in common than I would have ever known. The end result was that my family, especially Zee, truly benefited from that encounter.

Imagine I had stayed at home, going about my regular new routine, I wouldn't have discovered this amazing place, nor spent an amazing time with my family and my Belizean, sweet and smart friend. I wouldn't have found the potential wedding venue. Now, if that really materializes, we will only see ;)

I'm looking forward to X visiting us, as we had suggested in Instagram and we go on our Bee Family +1 adventure. Life is not about how much you spend but with whom you decide to spend your priceless time with. Make it count and you will discover how much you really needed that. Don't wait for the right time, as the future is not promised, do it ASAP!

My main point is, take the risk to make today, dear reader, an extraordinary day. It is your choice to be happier than happy. Being content is also okay, if that is your personal choice ;)

How are you doing today?


*no true - a Creole word we use in Belize used instead of, "right" or "correct", or "do you agree with me". Also spelled and written as "no chu".


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2 comentarios

07 nov 2023

Yes! Loved this article! Mek wi all start to write down our special memories...and make some lovely ones beginning today!From Silvaana

Me gusta
13 nov 2023
Contestando a

Thank you for your comment Dr. Udz. This will keep me going and sharing. With love~

Me gusta
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