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May at the beach


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Ginelky Gongora

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Soul Expressionz not only supports but also inspires. It provided taco box with the opportunity of exposure and opened new doors for us. We love what you’re doing and we’re grateful for it ✨


The Ignite Team

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The Ignite Team would like to take this time to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mays Alejandra. She is an extraordinary Belizean Writer living in Taiwan who founded Soul Expressionz. Your articles are well articulated and enlightening. Thank you for always supporting us and we wish you nothing but success in your future endeavors.


Rhodie Olivarez

Thanks for this amazing piece. You inspire me to keep creating. It was your motivation that got me started in the first place. ❤❤ Keep doing what you love!


A. Castillo

I love the humor and seriousness combined. Feels very relatable and not sugar coated. It’s real and still fun! I like the topics even if they’re not fully relatable.


Zemara Ayala

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On March 19th, 2022 I was very fortunate to be able to partake in a Lighting Mastermind Workshop which was hosted by Ms Karina Bol and Ms Mayra G. Torres.  It was quite eye opening. Seeing so many other small businesses being vulnerable and sharing their past and current struggles and trying to seek solutions of which were similar to what I've been facing in this new venture is mind blowing. We were able to share a few good ideas and possible solutions in our group discussions, which was very helpful. I got to meet other women who also wanted to learn and grow their business. At the end of the webinar, we were able to set new goals both big and small 🙌 (Let us now work smart, create strategic planning & take it one day at a time). I'm thankful for this opportunity 🙏

Blue and White Eggs

Saidy J.

I love how honest this post is, especially the part about sleep. Sometimes we just need to stop bashing on those who are caught resting during the day. I take my 15 minutes power nap, and I'm ready to go. If I don't I feel sluggish for the reminder of the day. SO, my peeps already know, no timers, no alarms. Sleep 15 minutes and up if your body feels it needs an extra minute, it will take it. If it is less, still no problem. ;)


Belizean Flavaz

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Special shout out to Souls Expressions for their consistently inspiring words of support for Belizean flavaz.
Check out their blog today and learn more about the amazing work entrepreneurs and Belizeans across Taiwan have been doing. 
They will certainly provide you with inspiration and encouragement!


Alejandra Sanchez Mack

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Thank you @soulexpressionz for the beautifully written article about the exhibition 我們第二個家 Our Second Home. The interview was very well guided by Mays. Very professional but at the same time relaxed, as if I was talking to a friend. I definitely felt comfortable opening up to her. After reading the article, I felt very touched and I am glad Mayra took the reins to write it so poetically but also very well organized. Her article is indeed a valuable archive of the curatorial project.

Indian Architecture

Pradeep Kichidi

WoooooW .... What a great love of life story.... every word of this article has its own pure love & affection towards the family, love & life.... marvelous. The scenery pictures speaks volume of words and nature has its uniqueness and it nurtures in its own way and everything happens for a reason... I love this article and wonderful read and nevertheless great family !  

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Karina Bol

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Last December I sat down with Mays to talk about Giggedbz. Her efforts resulted in a beautifully written peace that  clearly communicated my vision on how it can be used to help small businesses in Belize. She also did an excellent job explaining how the go about booking a service or becoming a service provider on the platform. It was an honor to be featured on the Soul Expressionz site. Thank you Mays, for the time you took to clearly articulate all the information about Giggedbz.

Colorful Macaroons

Reader Comment

Loved the story and the pictures are beautiful. I didn't know that such a place like this existed in Hsinchu. I'd like to visit one day. ❤

Flowers and Citrus

Ishmael Sosa

Danbing was officially our initiation food when I came to Taiwan and is now a regular amongst my favorite dishes. My sis on the other hand refers to it as trauma food and does not like it at all. 😂

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