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Get to Know the Mentor Speakers and the Steering Committee Team!

Mrs. Lisha Sosa Mixco

I am Lisha Sosa, a civil engineer driven by a deep commitment to my profession and the betterment of my community. As a Jesuit scholar, I pursued my bachelor's degree in the United States, immersing myself in a rigorous academic environment that fostered intellectual growth and service to others. To broaden my global perspective, I pursued my master's degree in civil engineering in Taiwan. This experience expanded my horizons, shaping my problem-solving abilities and fostering a spirit of innovation. In 2018, I returned to my homeland of Belize with a strong desire to contribute to its development and worked as a civil engineer at a medium-sized firm. I simultaneously became actively involved in volunteering for the Association of Professional Engineers of Belize (APEB), recognizing the importance of fostering collaboration and maintaining high standards in the engineering industry. I now serve as the Vice President of APEB and am committed to leading efforts to improve the regulatory body and promote the ethical and professional practices of engineering in Belize. My passion lies in making a lasting impact on the engineering profession by striving for excellence, advocating for advancements in the industry, and ensuring that our regulatory framework aligns with global standards. I am motivated by the belief that civil engineering has the power to positively transform lives and communities, and I am dedicated to driving this vision forward.

Dr. Kenrick Williams

Dr. Kenrick Williams is the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Climate Change, and Disaster Risk Management. His portfolio includes the Departments of Environment, Forestry, Biodiversity, Fire, Meteorology, Protected Areas and National Emergency. Dr. Kenrick W. Williams has over 12 years’ experience in the field of socio￾environmental management and sustainable development in public and non￾government sectors of Belize, Indonesia, and Taiwan. He holds a PhD Natural Resources and Environmental Studies and an MSc in International Environment Sustainable Development from National Dong Hwa and National Central University, respectively. His fields of research and publications includes, inter alia: policy and institutional analysis, governance assessment, social-ecological analysis, biodiversity and environmental management, sustainable development, and biodiversity and conservation finance. Prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry, Dr. Williams served as the Environmental and Social Specialist at the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre and an Adjunct Professor at Galen University. He previously served as Policy Advisor to the BIOFIN Project, and serve as Policy and Environmental Lead for PPF Capital Belize Ltd.

I am Dale Neal, a 36-year-old Belizean from Santa Elena residing in Taiwan. With over 13 years of experience in Taiwan, I hold a master's degree in International Business and Management from NTUT. Coming from a humble background, my family instilled in me the values of kindness and empathy. I served as the head technical writer for engineers at VIA Technologies for over four years. I gained valuable insights into AI development within in-vehicle systems and motherboards. I also contributed to creating an intelligent sense camera for educational-level users and makers. Working closely with software and hardware engineers, I honed teamwork and project management skills. Overcoming the language barrier, I improved my Chinese proficiency and communicated primarily in that language with my colleagues.

Driven by passion, I returned to academia for a Ph.D. in Information Management at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. My research centers around the Myogai project, delving into Role Theory and the significance of human-AI collaboration. The project has earned recognition, securing first and second place in two competitions and granting me a fully funded trip to Silicon Valley for a two-week visit to present our work and engage with local businesses.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I proudly represented my university as a football team member, leading them to their first-ever second-division football finals—an extraordinary achievement for the institution. Looking ahead, my goal is to share my expertise and knowledge with those interested in exploring the realm of human-AI collaboration. With a firm belief in the potential of this field, I aim to contribute to its advancement and help foster meaningful interactions between humans and AI.

Ms. Katherine V. Meighan

Key Career Objective: With integrity, I seek to continually strive towards being a result-driven, well-organized, and experienced member of a professional team that aims to definitively impact the local, regional, and international landscape. My bio attached are more details.

Mr. Berisford Codd

I am a Trade Economist for the Ministry of Foreign Trade for the last 9 years. This experience has placed me at the center of economic policy development in Belize and exposed me to the world of international trade policy at the CARICOM and WTO level.

Dr. Lila Estephan

I am a proud Belizean, born and raised. With a medical doctorate and a strong background in public health and research, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Throughout my career, I have gained valuable clinical experience in Guatemala, Mexico, and my homeland Belize, as well as industry experience in Taiwan. Driven by a deep commitment and unwavering passion, I am dedicated to leveraging my skills to create a positive impact in the lives of individuals worldwide, with a special focus on my beloved Belize. I aspire to contribute to the betterment of healthcare, emphasizing the importance of access, quality, and equity.

Dr. Lionel Francisco Gonzalez

I am Lionel Francisco Gonzalez. I am from Chunox in Corozal District. I am the eldest of an extended family. Furthermore, I am the first of my siblings to go to university; thus, I am very fortunate in achieving my education. As an engineer in Telecommunications and Engineering, I am always reading and studying to keep up to date with the latest breakthroughs and innovations in technology. I have a doctorate in Electrical Engineering from Yuan Ze Unversity, and post-graduate certificates in Data Science, AI and Machine Learning from the University of Texas in Austin. My goal is to contribute with research in the area of Anomaly Detection and Natural Language Processing. I believe that with hard work, determination and perseverance one can achieve his or her goals.

Ms. Karina Elvira Bol

I have been teaching in Taiwan for over 7 years. Early on I realized that I could used teaching to pursue other dreams while still being successful at my job. I have since used it to learn Chinese, fullfill management positions at my company, start a business and become a YouTuber.

Mr. Anwar Wade

Dedicated and recent graduate in environmental engineering, driven by a strong commitment to social justice. Throughout my six-year tenure in Taiwan, I have had the privilege of accumulating valuable experience in various domains, including environmental consulting, non-profit organization management, environmental journalism, and quality engineering. Following my year in the manufacturing industry, where I served as both a system and quality engineer, I now seek to leverage my industry knowledge and further my education in the realm of sustainable enterprise or public policy, specializing in just transition. In addition to my professional endeavors, I actively engage in community service to contribute to the betterment of society. My volunteer work predominantly revolves around assisting organizations that strive to make a positive impact on underprivileged communities. This entails organizing food drives for the homeless and providing support in maintaining dog shelters. I firmly believe that the knowledge I have acquired through my volunteer experiences will prove invaluable as I transition towards a career focused on creating social impact.

Mr. Bernabe Matus

I tried so many times to get the career role I studied for until finally someone accepted my basic Chinese skills and believed it would improve overtime. Entering the Taiwan workforce is not easy but surprisingly, the skills you develop overtime may just be the one thing that catch your future employer's attention.

Dr. Paul Morgan

I am an avid believer that the life-long pursuit of wisdom is the most pacifying journey to enlightenment. Along this asymptotic journey, my deepest desire is to bring along others with me.

Ms. Bianca McFadzean

Ms. Elma Christina Chun

I am a proud Corozalena. I have completed an Undergraduate degree in Secondary Science Education from the University of Belize, a Masters degree in Education from National Chung Cheng University and am currently pursuing a PhD degree in Education at National Chung Cheng University. I believe education is the driving force to success and the biggest investment a person can do is invest in their education. I hope to keep inspiring young minds to pursue their dreams.

Mr. Joel Borland

MBA Graduate in International Business & Trade currently working in Taiwan. While working abroad has been an incredible opportunity so far, my end goal is to return home to Belize. I hope to leverage the skills and insights I have gained throughout my experience here to be in a better position to contribute to the growth and development of our local business community back home.

Mr. John Robateau

Down to earth person.

Mrs. Elena Smith

Teacher of 38 years at the elementary level, Masters in Education with major in Reading, Immediate Past President of the Belize National Teachers' Union, Senator.


Ms. Melody Wagner


Yumiao Education, Taipei — ESL Teacher (Science, Art, Culture and English)

July 2021 - PRESENT

Foreign English Teacher, conducting, designing and English medium lessons to young learners in science, sustainable development, art(music, dance, cooking and crafts), culture and maths. I also assist with Public speaking coaching and critical thinking lessons.

Open , Taiwan and Virtual —Cultural Events and Project Coordinator

July 2019 - PRESENT

Collaborate with other local and international cultural organisations to support and exchange ideas on issues of intangible and tangible cultural heritage preservation. Draft proposals and organise cultural activities. Develop cultural programs, conduct and organise knowledge exchange workshops and events. Coordinate and mobilise resources to facilitate education and outreach initiatives. Cultural exchange includes Belizean, Caribbean, Austronesian and Indigenous Cultural practices and systems of preservation and education.

Owner, Belizean Flavaz Taiwan

July 2020 - PRESENT

Catering company that provides Belizean cuisine by order, seasonally and at pop-up. Providing Belizeans and Taiwan with a taste of authentic Belizean food.

Lila Estephan, MD, MSPH

Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp, Taipei, Taiwan — Associate Director (Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance Department)


As a medical doctor with a background in public health, I collaborate with global partners in developing and delivering innovative vaccine solutions. My responsibilities include providing strategic medical expertise, overseeing pharmacovigilance activities, ensuring local and international regulatory compliance, medical writing and communications, and driving impactful research.

Public Health Alliance of Belize, Belize (remotely based in Taiwan) — Public Health Research Analyst, Core Member


In my role as a Public Health Research Analyst, my responsibilities include conducting research, analysing data, and providing evidence-based insights to shape public health policies and programs by collaborating with stakeholders, preparing reports, and monitoring program effectiveness.

Adriel Moh, M.Sc

Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D Candidate in Mechatronics Engineering

Blanco Mohbel Communications, Belize — CEO

June 2019 - PRESENT

I am an engineering Ph.D student with a fascination for IoT, therefore I am founder and CEO of a startup company B-Mohbel. We are currently working on gathering data to implement an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Framework in Belize. We are starting by introducing Integrated Circuit (IC) Cards for payment on public transportations.

Ms. Mayra Torres


Entirety LLC, Hsinchu, Taiwan

June 2022 - PRESENT

I work in a consultant company that provides, research, certification services to global manufacturers of electronic products. We have a coverage of over 180 countries and feel very proud to be expanding in locations worldwide.

Creative Director, Soul Expressionz

Soul Expressionz is my passion and gift to all Belizeans (not only in Taiwan) who seek knowledge about the country and lifestyle we are able to attain far from family and loved ones. If I have the opportunity to make at least one more person's life better, count me in on that plan!

Mr. Hector Cambranes

Senior ESL Teacher, BTA North Vice President, Manager of Belizeans in Taiwan Soccer Team / Masters in Communication Engineering

Amerian Eagle Institute, Hsinchu — Senior Teacher

September 2020- PRESENT

I arrived to Taiwan eight years ago with the goal to attain a degree. I fell in love with this country, culture and people. This made me decide to find a job. Teaching is my passion and having the opportunity to share some knowledge with Taiwan's future leaders give me great satisfaction. As a part of the team of organizers of this career forum, I feel that I can also help to share knowledge with my fellow Belizeans and event participants.


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