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Welcome to Soul Expressionz, an e-bode where I mostly talk about personal traveling in and around Taiwan. My favorite writings are those about others' experiences - fitness, entrepreneurship, health, creativity, sustainability, etc.; stories about persons or events that make an impact in my life and teach me to continue being a better human. 


Soul Expressionz became a sanctuary where I can freely talk about the sweet and sour moments of parenting in the hopes of helping other parents know that the struggle is real yes, but it can also be a shared burden. You are not alone.  Lastly but very importantly, if you know me any at all, you know I am addicted to caffeine. Then definitely you will also find posts and reviews of Cafes that have made my heavy workload days a lot more bearable. 

Since traveling is my passion and I am able to afford it in Asia - I think Europe is still a little out of my league - most of my stories are about some beautiful Taiwanese nook or cranny I've visited, loved and wish others to also experience.

Even if you came only for the pictures or to show your support to someone I wrote about, please give a like or heart to the post. We will all appreciate knowing you passed by. If you feel inspired, please comment so others can know your thoughts.


Lastly, be a darling and share the love, share my page. 

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