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Want to be featured on SE? Send us a note along with your contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Media Inquiries

Our blogs have been featured in Belizean national media outlets such as, BELTRAIDE and Love FM.  We love to collaborate with journalists to share our inspiring stories!

** Please contact SE for permission to use SE content or for scheduling interviews with the writer, Mays Alejandra.

Would you like to collaborate/partner with SE?

Recently, SE has been collaborating with Giggedbz, National Womens Commission of Belize, Lexi’s Popsicle and Hello Body Belize to offer capacity-building workshops for entrepreneurs located in Belize. If you want to collaborate directly with SE to help Build Belize, we already look forward to it! Contact us now!

Do you have any questions, comments or feedback?

We love to hear from our readers. So far all the constructive criticism has helped mold our website into what you see today. Feel free to also let us know how any of the articles inspired you.

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Soul Expressionz site is solely operated by Mays Alejandra. No charge is made to persons or places featured on SE.

We do, however, get requests for sponsorships (monetary or otherwise).

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