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What to do when you are BORED.


Sometimes, I’m really lazy to go outside and socialize. It’s true. And sometimes I don’t want to go out in the gloomy weather or under the rain. You may agree that there are times when we can’t seem to find anything remotely as interesting outside the comfort of our homes as binge watching series on Netflix. These have provided a great source of entertainment and satisfaction and honestly, I don’t mind pining away watching them. As for me, my interest in languages seems to always direct my fingers on the controller to find a comedy series in Korean or yeah, in Korean because that’s the language I am interested in at this point. As long as I can continue to be entertained during the first episode, I will binge watch from wake time to sleep time. Like many of you, we cannot wait to find out what happens next, so on we move to the next episode, and the next, and the next and the one after that until we realize, there aren’t any more. Netflix has certainly been my best friend when wanting to live some adventure yet not wanting to dress up and socialize. Sometimes, I’d rather socialize with my new besties as I become the main character in whatever series I’m watching.

Go Biking

My other go to activity when I’m bored is I’ll put on my favorite gym wear, rent a U-bike and ride off to some bike path nearby. Taiwan cities have embraced biking as a leisure activity and you can see many people riding about with U-bikes with their families, their friends or like me, sometimes, by themselves. These U-bikes are very convenient and cheap. Sometimes, I ride for over an hour where I live and I’m only charged around NT$30. The last time I rode a bike in Taoyuan and I wasn’t charged at all because I rode within 15 minutes free time. Cool huh! I love biking and that is definitely one of the things I do when I am bored out of my mind. The fresh air helps in clearing the mind and the little exercise is great for the legs and the booty. Don’t you agree?


I’m sure no one ever tells you this. Information out there tells you to go somewhere do something, just like i did before. But bored time equals to free time, right? Most of the time we are too tired and don’t have time to rest a little and when its weekend, we want to make the most of the time, visiting family or hanging out with friends but we almost never think that the stars have aligned for us to have this boredom to actually rest. For one, resting is always good. This past February, I had so much free time on my plate that I would wake up late, have breakfast, go to the gym, come back home, sleep, wake up, do something and if I could, go right back to sleep. I lie you not. My face thanked me for it. I am super sure some years shed off in two weeks. My skin looked smoother and I looked happier. So, as much as I hate to say this but, maybe right now is the exact time for you to stop reading and head over to the nearest soft space you got. Go!

Still here?

Practice Something New

I guess you don’t need the rest and are still with me. Good. I wanted you to stay. Remember that thing that you kept saying, “Oh, if I only had time to learn this or read this or do this.” Now is the time. Learn that new language you keep wanting to. Read that interestingly-named book you have lying somewhere in your bookshelf or under a pile of papers. Learn a new skill or hone your basic skills and level up. I’ve always wanted to learn the Ukulele but I don’t want to spend on it. Ay. The financial decisions we have to make in life. Sucky. If I ever do decide to buy that Ukulele, I’ll definitely use my down time to learn a thing or two. I could probably use it as background sound for my Vlogs, eh? Not a bad idea, May.


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