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Tai-wandering -Outdoor Activities!

In Taiwan, there is zero excuse to not spend time enjoying the outdoors, COVID-19 and all. I currently reside in a country which I firmly believe, would take more than one lifetime to explore. Heck, I've been here for more than nine years and I still haven't visited touristy places like Taroko Gorge, Green Island, Penghu, etc.

I have been to most cities and many of the fantastic places therein. I also have been to places no other foreigner has written blogs about -at least that is what I tell myself. Experiencing full-on exciting, heart-racing activities either on a first-hand basis or accompanying friends to live their wild, adventurous dreams are what make our free days, worth living.

This blog will focus on some outdoor activities you can try while living in Taiwan. If you have tried any of these, I would love to hear about your experience in the comment section:

What was the most thrilling part? The scariest part? The most enjoyable part?


It was and still is one of my most favorite activities in Taiwan. I do not exaggerate when I say, there are so many places in Taiwan you can go hiking to. Taipei alone has several great places, Yangming Shan and Elephant Mountain being the most popular. For where to go hiking in Taiwan, visit All Trails and pick, choose and refuse one of the 842 options on the island.

Some paths lead to breathtaking views and others lead you to the thought: Is this what I got tired and sweaty for?

Whatever the case, hiking is great for your lung-e-vity. See what I did there?


In 2015, Bee and his schoolmate signed up for Saturday morning Paragliding somewhere in the outskirts of Keelung. We took trains and buses and finally made it to their destination. The gear looks heavy but the journey looks exhilarating. There is alway a person who accompanies you, so all you have to do is hang tight and enjoy the wind as you soar high like an eagle in the sky.

If you would like to try paragliding at least once while in Taiwan, you can visit the Paragliding in Taiwan website and find out where you can indulge in this activity at a location nearest to you.

Bungee Jumping

Not made for the faint of heart - or for people with faint hearts for that matter. A few years ago, Bee, along with a group of fearless friends, went to fulfill his dream at a place near Nantou. He dressed up as Spider-Man and prepared his heart for what could have been the most breath taking moments of his adventurous life.

Legend has it, I was crying after Bee jumped into the waterless, rocky bottom. I remember that I saw him being pushed off the lever and almost instantly, he started screaming his lungs out. A snap sent him flying up into the air once again and he cursed some Spanish words as he dipped right back down under the bridge and out of sight. I heard his friends laugh and this reassured me that it was all going to be well. He was then pulled up with a special machine for the rope and he re-emerged intact. Whew! He lived!

I don't remember that I cried, but that definitely sounds like me. Bee's bungee jumping experience was definitely super exciting and scary all in one. After you see the video, you will either want to do it or definitely won’t want to.

I recently read that now you need a special permit to bungee jump. If you are interested, you can go to Yas Blog and learn more about how to physically and mentally prepare for this once-in-a-braveheart's-lifetime activity.

Bee wanted to go again - not in this lifetime, honey!

Ice skating

I always wanted to go ice-skating while growing up. It so happened that within a few weeks after arriving in Taiwan, someone invited my new friends and I to go ice-skating at Taipei Arena. I jumped at the opportunity to try something that made me feel like part of a romantic movie.

Of course, there is no ice-skating rink in Belize. I had but a few days of "roller-skating" experience when I was young. Nothing prepared me for the swift fall on my butt which cut my ice-skating experience to less than 5 minutes. The End!

I waited on the sidelines crying my pain away while my inexperienced friends magically gained overnight skills and glided away on the snow. My butt would then go on to hurt for two long weeks. I left my romance in the snow.

Just look at my friend’s face 🤣

I wish you better luck!


Let me tell you, my friend. I am a self-proclaimed Go Cart Queen! Oh yeah! I'm very competitive on the go-cart route and I will bravely bump my car into your car’s backside, so you better put that foot to the pedal!

In 2013, we had our first Go-Cart experience in Kenting. Thereafter, my cousin took me to a place somewhere in the outskirts of Zhongli. I have also seen go-cart spaces at Neiwan in Hsinchu.

I remember the price was reasonable for a student under budget. Try it and let us know if you liked it enough to try again. ;)


Taiwan has so many riverside or beachside biking routes. You can rent a Ubike and take an early morning or afternoon ride by yourself or with friends and enjoy the wind against your face. This is one activity that relaxes me and makes me feel like I am actually doing something good for my body.

If you haven't tried biking in Taiwan, I suggest you put that Easycard to good use and go rent yourself a Ubike one of these days.

If you have more time on your hands, you can rent a cycling bike and go all around Taiwan on the specially designated cycling routes. The most I have biked is 100 kilometres in 2 days in Taidung. Sounds like a lot? To some, that is nothing. To me, it was a great accomplishment!


My Tainan friend, Elaine, her friend and I spent an overnight camping at Fulong Beach's Longmen Campsite area to experience the first sunrise of the year.

The next time I went camping was when I was vice-president of the Belize Taiwan Association and we organized a one-night camping/BBQ with a group of Belizeans, also at Longmen. Right, guys?

Once we camped at the beach and once in front of a police station because the camping ground nearby had full occupancy that weekend.

The last time I went camping was just last October. While this memory remains the most vivid, I will take some time to write the details in another blog.

The next camping experience may come sometime in March/April, 2022, depending what my camping mates agree on. Would you join?

No matter what exciting outdoor activity calls your attention, take proper precautions to stay safe. If you have done some exciting outdoor activity in Taiwan, would you mind me sharing your experience in a future blog?

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4 Kommentare

02. März 2023

I see you already have a post on outdoor adventures! Would love to try them...bungee jumping is on my bucket list!

Gefällt mir

22. März 2022

Thanks for the glimpses of life from your corner of the world! ❤❤

Gefällt mir

21. Jan. 2022

This was another great piece! It had me giggling with excitement all the way through. It's like I was reliving your story and experiencing all the thrills, fears, pain, and happiness. Thanks for sharing your stories with us. Maybe I'll share mine with you. You're amazing!

Gefällt mir

19. Jan. 2022

This is how I felt watching Bernie‘s video.

This blog made me think of some of the adventures I’ve had and several of them have been with you guys. Remember biking in the rain from Hsinchu to Miaoli?

Gefällt mir
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