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Ten Ten Weekend ~ Xiaowulai (小烏來) Style!

Waterfall located in a mountain ridge with a stream running in front.
I'm not sure which Falls this is, the Dragon or the Phoenix 😓.

The long awaited 4-day weekend finally arrived and with it, a wonderful opportunity to explore my neighborhood.

Wait. Let me tell you exactly what happened. Sometimes life throws lemons at you and that planned trip you had scheduled with your friends, looks you straight in the face and says, "uh-uh! You ain't got money for that!" then you end up with your tail tucked in and thankfully, with a screen that blocks your embarrassed facial redness as you cancel on them via text messages. The beauty of modern technology! Sigh!

Sceenshot of google maps from starting point to end pioint.

And so it occurred that on the spur of the moment, my friend offered to take me to Xiaowulai waterfalls which is somewhere in my vicinity, on his scooter.

Tip: From Bade District, we only needed to add NT$100 of gas and we were good to go! Split that 50/50 and voilà!

That map says less than an hour from where I live. But remember, the whole country is on holidays and almost everyone is going somewhere. Therefore, our scooter ride lasted about one and a half hours through windy hills, various tourist attractions, a tunnel (tunnels are fun!) and windy (ˈwʌɪndi) hills . We experienced a lot of wind and a little drizzle along the way. The journey was a treat on its own. The beautiful mountainous region was an amazing sight for sore eyes.

When we finally got to our destination, look what greeted us..

waterfall at xiawulai park.

Amazing! Right? The adventurer in me wanted to see it up and close. That took a little down hill hiking which I didn't mind at all!

I simply fell in love with it! (Sigh with me...) The place had much more in store so we giddily went about searching for the next what's-there-to-see. Oh, but we paid a pretty good price for that. Good thing my university played a major 4-year role in training (my Alma Mater is a mountain, literally!) So we took a hike for it!

Up and up and up we went for a good thirty minutes or so. No pain, no gain

The place had a richness of fun things to do and see. See for yourself.

There was a Sky Bridge too! But...remember, that I was on a tight budget? Maybe next time. I will leave a little mystery of the place so that you can go see it for yourself. If I show you everything you won't need to go anymore, and we don't want that. I bet you wanna go now! I'm telling you, it's not expensive to get there. So grab a bag, tell your nature-loving friends and go!

Oh! Be sure to tell them you got this information from me. *Wink.


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