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Coffee, please. ~Zhubei 竹北咖啡點

My choice: Light roast vanilla flavored Mochaccino 摩卡拿鐵 and 黑生 Heisheng Black Sesame Chiffon with peanut butter filling

My Taiwanese friend, Eve, saved a time slot for Jen and I during her short visit before going back to Germany.

To cherish our time together, we set out on a quest to search for coffee shops online. After discovering that our first choice was closed for the day, next on the Zhubei grid was DID Coffee. When we got there, we got lucky that someone was driving off and we could get a parking spot on the street opposite to the shop. Just in time.

日遲 DIDcoffee:

No. 62, Section 1, Jiafengliu Rd, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, 302


Take a little coffee break~

Surprisingly, the place seemed pretty busy on a Monday afternoon. Busy, but not noisy. The atmosphere was enchanting as was a decorative tree displayed at the front left center. It's definitely a place to socialize, to relax, to be alone in a crowd, to admire and to take some really chic pics.

Sharing the love~

The best way to get a space for your clique is to make a reservation in advance. In that way, you avoid waiting outside for a few. Even if you didn't book ahead of time, you can always use the waiting period to take a stroll in their beautiful garden and of course, click away.

Author's note:

Still exploring cafe shops in my new city, DID coffee was the second I visited and we spent around 2 hours there. Thank goodness there was no time limit!

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