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"Congee" - Belize Kriol Vaibz

Day 6 of 14 quarantine days in Taiwan.

Is a food they call "congee"

Isn't bad ... well ...

Is like a watery rice porridge

Is like a stillborn "konkonte"

Di Belize Kriol porridge

Mek outa yam, cassava, or banana

Or with dried plantains

What Belize Garifuna call "gungude"

But mi graama doz call it all "fufu."

Jamaicans love it outa cornmeal.

Same way Haitains, specially outa plaintain.

Plantains--none of that eena Taiwan.

Though from Taiwan's south,

A banana wannabe only like pose--

Think it is a plaintain.

But it is not.

Is what we Belize Kriol call "blogo."

But back to this here Asian congee:

Wish I had a cinnamon stick

Or some brown shuga--tek yu pick.

Either one would mek it a feast

And, Laad man, add lee evap milk at least!


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1 Comment

Sep 10, 2021

I like this piece of writing. You have me laughing. 😂

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